BBC - Across the Line make Hospital their Track of the day!

Thank you to BBC Ulster for adding Hospital to their plalist and also making it their Track of the Day!

HiH - BBC Introducing

"They say:
“The song originated both musically and lyrically from a bad accident I had a few months back. Thankfully I was ok but had to spend a couple of nights in hospital. A nurse was tending to a patient in the bed next to me and used a machine that made two harmonious tones. I used my phone to record this noise and other noises in the hours that followed and upon my return home, used them as the basis for the song. Musically the song is heavily influenced by the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club, The Avalanches and Massive Attack especially in the introduction. The lyrics are a snapshot of what happened that night and how it made me realise that life is precious and to be enjoyed.”

We say:
“While musing on the fragility of life, Heroes In Hiding’s ‘Hospital’ resolutely opposes cliché and is all the more refreshing for it. Lyrically deconstructing an accident and following nights in hospital (complete with field-recorded samples) could easily have become a dirge. Instead, what we have here is a major-key celebration. Yes, it viscerally acknowledges the brittle nature of the human condition, but the take-away message is a life-affirming one.”


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